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New €150 million resort planned for the Algarve

A Portuguese group, owned by an Indian family, is going to invest €150 million in a luxury resort in the Algarve and hopes the development will be ready just when the financial crisis is over, in 2012. The development, called ‘Quinta da Praia’, will be built on a 22.5 hectare area close to the beach in Alvor and will include a five star hotel with 175 bedrooms, a spa club and a residential area with 197 villas and townhouses.

Being the company’s first tourist development, Rakesh Kanabar, President of Grupo HN, said the investment during this financial crisis was only possible because the project was already planned two years ago. He believes consumer trust will be restored in three to four years and that the group will have the development ready just when Europe is emerging from the recession.

The construction work should begin when WATG and Broadway Malyan architects finish their designs for the ‘lifestyle resort’, projected for the end of 2009. The businessman also said the five star hotel will be run by a North-American chain and the Spa club, equipped with a gym, a ‘kids club’ and private leisure areas, will also be managed by another international chain.

An apartment block, with T2 apartments, will be built within the development which is looking to turn the Algarve into Europe’s Florida.

An abandoned area between the development and the beach is going to be completely renovated and walkways to the beach will be built.

Grupo HN is mainly a real estate company working in the Oporto area but now has over €100 million tied up in investments in Boavista, Oporto, Arrábida and Gaia. The ‘Quinta da Praia’ resort will be used as a platform to launch the group in international residential tourism in countries such as Angola, Cabo Verde and Brazil.


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